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  Product Overview

We all know that it is sensible to keep a record of our possessions in case of theft or damage.

Should the worst happen, then you will need to have the information available to submit a claim, and in the case of theft, you will need to be able to describe a missing item accurately.

But how many of us actually have a comprehensive list?
Or pictures of the more valuable or unusual item?
If we have pictures and receipts, where are they? 
And which picture belongs to which item in the list?

Personal Inventory Organiser allows you to record and organise details about your possessions, including storing related images, scanned documents and receipts, insurance and warranty policies and estate planning.


Data Entry

Unlimited† Possessions

Details that can be stored for a possession are:
a description, model, serial number, location, category, quantity, date purchased, where purchased, unit cost, receipt location, date valued, unit value, valuation type, condition and a note.

You can attach an unlimited number of digitised images to each of your possessions.

Unlimited† Locations and Categories

You can create your own locations and categories, or modify the predefined locations using the location manager.

You can define a location to be a room in your house, your car, a holiday home, a bank vault or even a storage box in the attic.

Images and Scanned Documents

Each possession can have unlimited number of digitised images attached to it. 
An image could be a picture taken with a digital camera, or a picture, document, proof of purchase or receipt scanned with your scanner.

Images can be viewed and printed.

Insurance and Warranty

Each possession can be assigned an insurance policy, a manufacturers warranty and warranty policies.

You can specify a period prior to a policy expiring when the program will remind you.

Estate Planning

Set up details of beneficiaries using the Beneficiary Manager and simplify estate planning by assigning each possession to a beneficiary.



Once you have entered details of your possessions you can generate reports and charts for viewing or printing.

Generated report data can be sorted by any of the available columns. You decide which columns are included in the report.

Reports and Charts can be grouped by location, category, insurance policy or beneficiary.

There are extensive filtering options which determine which possessions are included in both reports and charts.

You can quickly see the cost and current valuation for each possession, as well group valuation and overall totals.

  † The software does not limit you, but numbers will depend on the capacity of your computer’s hard disk/memory.